Mevisio doubles down on its growth with the hire of former Salesforce executive Johan Zetterström as its new Head of Sales

Since its inception in 2017 by co-founders Marcus Wejderot and Mats Ljungqvist, Mevisio’s platform for Operational Excellence and Lean Management has significantly transformed digital operations on the shop floor and beyond. Its adoption by global manufacturing organizations, traditionally hesitant to digitalize, underscores the platform’s value to its users. Mevisio’s user growth and widespread platform rollout among its clients have opened the doors to new territories, which will be spearheaded by the addition of seasoned SaaS professional Johan Zetterström.

This year, Mevisio's founders have strategically sought a specific profile to capitalize on its current momentum and expand into new markets. He brings with him extensive enterprise SaaS experience and a proven track record in building the Nordic & Benelux region for the global sales software giant Salesforce.

Finding the right profile for the role, who fits our company values, has been important. Johan Zetterström is a figure who brings a deep and expansive level of enterprise SaaS experience with him. He does not only bring solid sales expertise acquired at Salesforce and other companies, but also senior management experience from multiple positions as CEO and Board Director. We’re very excited about building our future roadmap with him. Marcus Wejderot, Mevisio CEO

The platform’s rapid growth and swift post-onboarding rollout through new clients are testaments to Mevisio’s customer-centricity. With a heavy focus on providing a powerful platform with enhanced user-friendliness, the response from users has been universally positive.

In his new role, Johan Zetterström will oversee the expansion of Mevisio’s enterprise sales team and work closely with key markets.

I’ve been in the software space for 35 years and was the first Salesforce hire in continental Europe! I built the Nordic & Benelux operation and remained with the brand for nine years. I have during my career served as CEO of several SaaS organizations, such as Projectplace and Barium, and has served on boards for companies like Winningtemp, Iristy to mention a few. What’s attractive about Mevisio is that it’s at that exciting, pivotal stage of its journey. It’s a small, tight, talented team where everyone can make an impact, and that’s just what I was looking for. The platform is proven, the customers can feel the benefits, and there’s a huge market opportunity to explore together. Johan Zetterström, Mevisio’s new Head of Sales

About Mevisio

Mevisio offers a low-code platform that simplifies operational optimization and data visualization. The cloud-based service for Operational Excellence and Lean Management allows businesses to easily customize their workflows, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Whether through self-service, expert support, or partner collaboration, Mevisio empowers companies worldwide to achieve their goals. With users in over 70 countries, Mevisio drives digital transformation on a global scale.

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